ANANDA Scientific Initiates Clinical Trial for COVID-19

GREENWOOD, Colo., April 1, 2020 ( –

ANANDA Scientific, a biotech pharma company, today announced that its clinical research team will initiate trials to assess the company´s proprietary Liquid Structure™ Cannabidiol (CBD) formulation as a treatment for mitigating the impact of COVID-19 infections, specifically, the “cytokine storms” that result from an excessive production of immune system proteins and are a major cause of severe respiratory distress, other serious complications and deaths.

The use of existing anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drugs may further exacerbate life- threatening cytokine storms. Meanwhile, pre-clinical data show ANANDA´s Liquid Structure CBD has an ability to reduce levels of the immune system protein, Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-a). Elevated amounts of TNF-a are a key driver of the cytokine storms experienced with COVID-19 infections.

ANANDA Scientific has a patent pending on using cannabinoids like CBD for treating deadly cytokine storms and other conditions caused by excessive levels of immune system proteins. The company is now initiating trials to advance this potential therapy as it relates to COVID-19.

“ANANDA is committed to fighting the COVID-19 crisis by being able to offer a therapeutic that potentially will alleviate the life-threatening complications of infections,” said Mark J. Rosenfeld, M.S., Ph.D., ANANDA Scientific´s Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer. “Our commitment to sound science has already paved the way for the patented enhancement technology to uniquely overcome CBD´s poor bioavailability. Once clinical work has been successfully completed, ANANDA will be ideally positioned to rapidly deploy its Liquid Structure™ CBD as a therapy for COVID-19 complications and thus the saving of lives.”

Dr. Rosenfeld has considerable professional experience in pandemic disease, as the United States representative on the United Nations Bird Flu (H5N1 Avian Influenza) Team. There, he directed development of technology for the on-site detection of viral and bacterial pathogens, thus the interception of potentially dangerous disease-causing agents before these can spread. He also has done work around the world, especially in developing regions, on detecting infections by cancer- causing viruses. Most recently, Dr. Rosenfeld has been exploring how ANANDA´s Liquid Structure™ technology might contribute to alleviating the COVID-19 pandemic.


ANANDA is a research-focused biotech company that employs patented delivery technologies to make cannabinoids and other plant-derived compounds highly bioavailable, water-soluble, and with long shelf-life stability. The focus is to produce premium quality and effective nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. ANANDA is pursuing human clinical trials for pharmaceutical approval, using unique technology to address therapeutic targets of tremendous public health importance.
Consistent with its strong research-based data, the company also has a growing pipeline of nutraceutical over-the-counter products. The company has successfully launched these products in the U.S. and the U.K., with expansion into additional markets such as the EU, China, Australia and Africa planned for the near future. The company is expanding its research base through multiple sponsored research agreements with universities to diversify its technology portfolio.

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