Supply Chain Quality Assurance

A robust supply chain is crucial for pharmaceutical drug development. At Ananda Scientific, we have a thorough quality assurance program in place to manage our supply chain both from a quality and reliability perspective.


Vendor Quality Assurance Audits:

Our Vendor Audits represent a pivotal quality assurance activity for our operations. Through a systematic evaluation process, we rigorously assess the capabilities and compliance standards for our suppliers and partners. This scrutiny ensures that every component of the pharmaceutical supply chain aligns with the highest industry standards.


Manufacturing Partner GMP Audits:

Our GMP Audits of our manufacturing partners serve as the cornerstone of our commitment to quality manufacturing. These audits meticulously examine all the processes involved in the manufacturing of products, ensuring strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices. By maintaining these exact standards, we ensure that every pharmaceutical product leaving our facilities is of the highest caliber.

At Ananda Scientific, we are dedicated to our commitment to address unmet medical needs for effective medicines to treat complex neuropsychiatric disorders.