Investigational Drugs

At Ananda Scientific, our investigational products are formulated using Liquid Structure™ Technology. This patent protected technology optimizes the delivery of active molecules, ensuring enhanced bioavailability, consistent absorption and shelf-life stability.


Our flagship investigational products, Nantheia™ ATL5 and Nantheia™ A1002N5S, are currently undergoing evaluation in multiple clinical trials. These trials are focused on indications with large unmet medical needs namely Opioid Use Disorder, PTSD, Social Anxiety, and Neuropathic Pain, and are being undertaken at prestigious institutions including Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the Ichan School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, the Grossman School of Medicine at NYU, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


With a robust R&D program, we focus on continuous improvement of our investigational products and in formulating new drug products that can harness the transformative potential of our Liquid Structure™ Technology.


Our commitment to quality is unwavering as we strive to meet the highest industry standards for safety and efficacy. Our thorough Quality Assurance program instills confidence in our offerings, reinforcing our dedication to patient well-being. This focus on quality extends from product development to GMP manufacturing and all the way to clinical trial execution, ensuring consistency and reliability in our products.

At Ananda Scientific, we are dedicated to our commitment to address unmet medical needs for effective medicines to treat complex neuropsychiatric disorders.