Ananda Scientific, in collaboration with its research partners in Israel (Lyotropic Delivery Systems LTD), have developed an innovative platform technology to design and fabricate novel, proprietary formulations for drug delivery. This technology can be applied to a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including biologics and small molecules, to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. These bespoke formulations are designed for specific active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with a range of molecular sizes and physiochemical characteristics. The formulations are designed to improve the delivery of APIs that have poor bioavailability when administered in more common, simple solutions or solid dosage formulations. This problem is a particular challenge for lipophilic drugs like cannabidiol that are poorly soluble in water. Whether delivered in a solid dosage form or in a non-aqueous solution, the drug solubilizes in aqueous intestinal fluid before it is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.  


Our formulations are custom designed to match the structural moieties and physiochemical properties of the API to achieve self-emulsifying “structured liquids” with near-zero interfacial forces between millions of nanodomains and the suspending oil phase. The formulations are both structurally (physically, thermodynamically) and chemically stable, and are able to solubilize high concentrations of difficult-to-formulate (e.g. lipophilic) drugs facilitating delivery of a full dose in a single soft gelatin capsule (SGC). The result is a novel patent protected delivery system.

Ananda Scientific strives to be the face of American innovation in this field and as a team, our goal is to create something meaningful and lasting.” CEO Today magazine