Clinical Programs

At Ananda Scientific, we are dedicated to our commitment to address the unmet medical needs with effective medicines to treat complex neuropsychiatric disorders. We place patients and their families at the heart of our mission as we develop cannabinoid-based therapeutics forging vital connections between science and those in need.


Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Pioneering breakthroughs in the treatment of conditions like PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Opioid Use Disorder is at the forefront of our endeavor. Through our research and development, we aim to provide transformative options for individuals struggling with these debilitating disorders. Our focus is on developing solutions where limited effective treatments currently exist, ensuring that individuals facing these challenges have access to innovative therapies that can redefine what’s possible in their lives.


Future Trials

In pursuit of advancing medical solutions, Ananda Scientific is actively broadening its clinical trial program to explore potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, smoking cessation, and epilepsy. Studies for these potential indications represent our ongoing commitment to addressing critical medical needs and offering innovative therapeutic options.


From protocol design to statistical analysis, every facet of our clinical program is meticulously planned and executed. This comprehensive approach ensures that our trials are not only scientifically rigorous but also ethically sound, prioritizing patient safety and well-being above all else. Together, these elements form the backbone of our clinical program, driving us forward in our mission to transform the lives of patients facing serious medical conditions.