Research and Development Program

Customized Solutions

Our ongoing R&D initiatives are centered around the development of new Liquid Structure™ formulations and the continued refinement of our existing investigational drugs. Through rigorous research we’re dedicated to unlocking new possibilities in pharmaceutical drug development. These developments ensure that our formulations remain at the forefront of medical advancement to deliver on the promise of cannabinoids.


Patient Centric Approach

Our formulation designs are driven by a patient-centric philosophy, aiming to optimize therapeutic benefits while minimizing potential side effects, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.


Patent Protected

Safeguarding our formulations and products through robust patent protection is a key priority for us. Our organization is focused on securing our intellectual property and obtaining patents to ensure that our innovations remain protected.

At Ananda Scientific, we are dedicated to our commitment to address unmet medical needs for effective medicines to treat complex neuropsychiatric disorders.