Social Anxiety Disorder Phase II Clinical Trial

Grossman School of Medicine, New York University New York

ANANDA Scientific, in collaboration with Naomi M. Simon, MD, MSc and Esther Blessing, MD, Ph.D from the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, is pioneering a groundbreaking clinical trial focused on Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). With anxiety disorders affecting up to 35% of the U.S. population, SAD stands as one of the most prevalent medical challenges today. Current treatment options, while valuable, leave room for improvement.


This clinical trial explores the potential of Nantheia™ A1002N5S, Ananda’s investigational CBD drug utilizing its proprietary Liquid Structure ™ delivery technology, in providing a new avenue of hope for those struggling with SAD. We are set to enroll a cohort of 60 subjects. This diverse group will play a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and the potential benefits of Nantheia™ A1002N5S, as a treatment.


The primary endpoint of this study will be measured using the Trier Social Stress Test scores. This widely recognized assessment tool provides crucial insights into the physiological responses to social stress, offering a comprehensive view of the treatment’s impact. Additionally, we will be evaluating secondary endpoints, including the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale.


For more details, refer to the link ( and press releases issued over the course of the study:


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